Good Energy Retrofit - Friendly. Reliable. Independent. Certified and verified.

Good Energy Retrofit utilizes solid principles of building science and diagnostic verification to guide their Energy Efficiency work, are experts in residential home Seismic Retrofits and lasting beauty Home Remodels. They lead the Portland construction industry in providing sustainable home upgrades. Kris and the crew are proud to bring this expertise to individuals and families, and enjoy knowing that their work makes homes more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.  



Established as a construction business in 2003, focused on sustainable remodels of old Portland homes, the business was guided by the principles of maintaining a home's historic integrity while using practices that honor environmental. 

In 2009, owner Kris Grube advanced the company focus to providing Home Performance with Energy Star audits and energy efficiency retrofits. In 2014, they added seismic retrofits to their list of services. Today, their projects consist of a even balance between the three disciplines of Energy Efficiency, Seismic Retrofits and General Remodeling.  With Building Science as the backbone of their approach, health, safety and efficiency continue to be important components of their work.  




KRIS GRUBE is the sole owner and founder of Good Energy Retrofit. With background in social worker, she often says that she now does Social Work for Homes. While remodeling old houses a decade ago, she found that her love of architecture and dedication to quality had quickly transformed into a strong understanding of building structures and construction technique. She wanted her work to always respect its impact on the earth and the health of the occupants, and that eventually moved her in the direction of becoming an expert in energy efficiency. 

Kris is President of the Home Performance Contractors Guild, and sits on committees working to strengthen equitable employment practices in the energy efficiency trades and advocacy for effective energy policy.  Energy Efficiency and Construction Certifications held by Kris: Building Performance Institute (BPI) professional certifications as an Energy Auditor, Enveloped Specialist and Multifamily Building Analysis. Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) Duct Testing and Duct Sealing.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Refrigerant Handling. Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEII) Solar Hot Water Heating Technician. She also holds several other product specific certifications as well as numerous health and safety certifications. 


GREG LASHER is the General Manager of Good Energy Retrofit.  Before joining GER, Greg worked on hundreds of homes in the Portland area retrofitting them to stand as some of the most efficient in their neighborhoods.  A big fan of the Passive House standard, Greg brings some valuable experience with advanced energy retrofits.  Greg holds many certifications in building science including 3 certificates with the Building Performance Institute, PTCS, and has a masters in Environmental Policy. Greg would love to talk to you about all the nerdy details of how the home's systems perform.  Greg may be one of the few people you know that eagerly awaits the arrival of his utility bills, celebrating how they continue to fall in price.

EMILIO MEJIA has 8 years’ weatherization experience and is our lead carpenter and finishing crew member.  He is highly skilled and experienced with air and duct sealing. Emilio has a 30 years experience in carpentry, with various construction project skills ranging from carpentry, handy man skills, small project electrical and plumbing. Emilio's sunny disposition and high standards for quality work standards are reliable.  



ERNESTO MELO has 19 years’ experience managing weatherization installations and seven years’ experience preforming work following the Oregon Weatherization Assistance Program specifications and requirements.  In 2000, he started working as an installer and in 2004 he advanced to supervisor leading crews preforming high volume insulation services for the following Low Income County Weatherization programs through 2016. During those years he also worked as a subcontractor for various commercial energy efficiency companies (including Good Energy Retrofit). Ernesto's expertise in insulation is so deep and extensive that in 2017 brought him in-house to join our team.  


SHARON JAMESON brings to the Good Energy office a big tool box full of skills. With a background in design (graphic and fine art) she get very enthusiastic when she gets a chance to help homeowners make choices on their remodels. And, with decades under her belt with project management and office administration positions she keeps a tight ship as office manager.